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Entry #3

Videogame minions for sale!

2017-08-12 13:41:48 by badloom888

Lately I've been trying to find some jobs as a freelancer, but apparently everyone who has reached me wants free stuff...

But right now I'm pretty confident that my work costs something, and because of that I'll upload soon some really special character designs; these designs were created to be generic videogame enemies, and they're going to be on sale, but the catch is that you can get from only the image and get someone else the animation to even have not only the model, but also the character's sprite sheet with up to 5 pallete swaps, all in the dimensions of your choice(of course this will cost extra)!


This character sheet won't be published on the Art Portal, only in my profile; if you're interested on eventually getting one of these minions off my hands, just follow me and wait for the illustration very soon!


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