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Entry #2

MTG Custom Tokens

2017-06-29 21:16:25 by badloom888

For some months, I've been creating some illustrations to make my very own set of custom Magic: The Gathering tokens, and I have the plans to make it a small business; until now, the creatures that are going to appear in the beggining are a 1/1 Red Goblin, a 2/2 Black Zombie and a 5/5 Tuktuk, the Returned(I play goblins, btw), but which other creature/artifact tokens think would be a good idea to have developed? Things like 5/5 dragons or 1/1 spirits are quite obvious, but which others do you think would be useful to have in stock?


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2017-07-03 02:44:17

Dude, hope you do well in your project and make a profit from your tokens. FYI i also had a passion for Goblins unfortunately don't have the freetime to play anymore. Instead i work on MTG animation, best of luck to you.