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Tough public

2014-04-08 00:07:46 by badloom888

I'd love some more critics on my work, but I guess the comunnity here is kinda tough to please.

Is my work that bad?

2012-05-22 22:31:00 by badloom888

And here I am, still waiting for a Scout for my art...
Is really that bad?

Hello, people of Newgrounds; i'm here to introduce myself:

I'm Pablo, a young Animation Student from Mexico.
At this moments i'm in some small projects that don't deserve a big explanation, but that's irrelevant; the little Thingamajig in my user Icon is my mascot character, Ignacio; if you have plans of following my work, get ready to see this little guy constantly.

-For more info about my work, you can visit my Tumblr
-Or my Deviantart
-Also, you can visit my blog(Warning: All the articles are in spanish)

Well, i guess that's all. See you guys around here!